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eHealth Portal
To view all food businesses registered within the City of Whitehorse and the performance (star) rating of food businesses assessed under the Food Hygiene Assessment system.

The eHealth Business Portal - https://ehealth.whitehorse.vic.gov.au/ allows food businesses to register and update their business details and renew their Food Act registration online.

eHealth Community Portal - Food Businesses Register and Performance (Star) Rating
All food businesses that sell food must be registered under the Food Act 1984. The trading details for every registered food business with the City of Whitehorse (name, location and business type) are listed on the portal.

All class 1 and class 2 food businesses assessed under the 5-star rating http://www.whitehorse.vic.gov.au/Food-Hygiene-System.html

Food Hygiene Assessment receive a star rating from one to five stars at the completion of a food safety assessment conducted by an Environmental Health officer. These businesses include, restaurants, cafes, take-away food shops, bakeries, aged and child care facilities, hospitals, delicatessens and hotels.

Businesses that demonstrate satisfactory levels of food safety receive three or more stars
Only businesses that have consented to publish their star rating will have the star rating displayed. The star rating is based on the performance on the day of the assessment, however deductions may occur as a result of critical non compliances identified during any other inspection conducted within the registration period.
Food businesses that do not have a star rating displayed may be due to:
  • The food business recently opened as a new business or changed owners and has not yet been assessed;
  • The business has not provided consent for Council to publish their star rating

A food business can receive one of the following star ratings:

The star rating is based on the last annual assessment conducted, unless reviewed during the year, and remains until the next annual assessment. Whitehorse City Council gives no warranty as to the condition of the premises or condition or quality of food or standard of operation at any time, other than the date of inspection. Whilst the program may be a useful as a guide, the public is urged to use its own judgement in making consumer choice.