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Timable helps you discover events real-time, on the go. We cover all happenings in Hong Kong, from popular to indie ones, like music, arts, exhibitions, festivals, family events, promotional offers, etc.

{ it's lifestyle }

We encourage lifestyle with unique experiences. Like many of the urbanites, we get stuck in rigid and repeated life. We tried finding our own ways of living through Internet.

Finally, we decided to build "Timable". Here are various events including those we are enthusiastic about.

Most importantly, we emphasize "timeliness". Timable is an interface to match people, time, locations and events. Things do not necessarily happen a second time. Capture them.

{ it's sharing }

We encourage sharing of public events among the community. It is an open platform for event information exchange. We hope that you can unearth interested events from others here, and contribute yours at the same time. Please also share your comments on Timable. We always look for improvement.

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The CREativity X CRAft Fair 創意手作設計展 2017

不經不覺「CRE 瀝卡啦趕趁墟」跟大家闊別年半多,今年CRECRA 將手作設計市集昇華至展覽,舉...

The CREativity X CRAft Fair 創意手作設計展 2017
art @ 九龍灣國際展貿中心 Rotunda 3
21 - 22 Oct

Red Bull Dragon Roar 2017

Red Bull Dragon Roar returns with new venue, new course and new excitement on 21st October, 2017 at Tuen Mun Gold Coast Cafet

Red Bull Dragon Roar 2017
lohas @ 新咖啡灣泳灘
21 Oct (Sat) 9am (9hr)


體驗劇場活現藝穗會 聲音導航的集體遊歷 ​ 「從來沒有一種東西叫過去。只有時間的變奏,...

art @ Fringe Club Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery
24 - 27 Nov
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