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Timable helps you discover events real-time, on the go. We cover all happenings in Hong Kong, from popular to indie ones, like music, arts, exhibitions, festivals, family events, promotional offers, etc.

{ it's lifestyle }

We encourage lifestyle with unique experiences. Like many of the urbanites, we get stuck in rigid and repeated life. We tried finding our own ways of living through Internet.

Finally, we decided to build "Timable". Here are various events including those we are enthusiastic about.

Most importantly, we emphasize "timeliness". Timable is an interface to match people, time, locations and events. Things do not necessarily happen a second time. Capture them.

{ it's sharing }

We encourage sharing of public events among the community. It is an open platform for event information exchange. We hope that you can unearth interested events from others here, and contribute yours at the same time. Please also share your comments on Timable. We always look for improvement.

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鉤針兩用手袋 Crochet Classic Flap Bag(4月)


鉤針兩用手袋 Crochet Classic Flap Bag(4月)
style @ Crafties
29 Mar - 26 Apr (every Thu) 7pm (2hr)


發揮紙造可能極限,超出想像! 利用紙造花盆,栽種嫩玉生機,療愈心靈。 今次我哋會學做...

lohas @ Desk-one溫室 (Mongkok)
27 Apr (Fri)


人一生走來,總有些事情你想做但還未能做 但在時間洪流中,過去的事情已經沈澱,我們只有...

art @ Desk-one溫室 (Mongkok)
27 Apr (Fri) 7:30pm (1hr 30min)
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