5 Mar 2013 ‑ 10 Mar 2013 (6 days)
2/F, Elements, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Adult $80 / Student $60 / Senior $55
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三月是電影月,除了香港國際電影節之外,還有已經踏入第四屆的土耳其電影節。集合東西文化精華、古老與摩登並存的迷人國度土耳其,其獨特的電影文化已經吸引了不少香港影迷。今年的土耳其電影節將於 3 月 5 日至 10 日於The Grand獨家舉行,帶來了多部最新的土耳其電影,不容錯過。


4th Hong Kong Turkish Film Festival 05-10 March 2013

During the five-day festival, while different types of fifteen Turkish movies were offered to the appreciation of Hong Kong moviegoers. Five short films which were shot by young directors were also included in this year's program. So that, not only the proffessionals, but also Turkish young filmmakers' works, who will be the important figures of the future Turkish cinema, were exhibited on the international platform emphasizing their importance once again.

With each passing year, the festival aims to undertake much larger activities. This year, there were more movies, events, and guests than last year and the festival performed an important step for promoting the Turkish cinema in Hong Kong.

The appreciation encountered this year compared to the previous one, promises the institutionalization of the festival in coming years and raises hope for the promotion of The Turkish Cinema in this important film market.

Festival Program
2013-03-05 21:30 The Particle
2013-03-06 19:30 Where the Fire Burns
2013-03-06 21:45 Can
2013-03-07 19:30 Ships
2013-03-07 21:40 Where the Fire Burns
2013-03-08 19:50 Load
2013-03-08 21:40 Monsters Dinner
2013-03-09 17:15 Can
2013-03-09 19:35 Let this be the last time
2013-03-10 14:30 Saint Ayse
2013-03-10 16:20 Particle, The
影片尚未經電影、報刊及物品管理辦事處 (電影報刊辦) 審查,如有影片及後被歸為三級,將於戲院內及www.thegrandcinema.com.hk上公佈,敬請留意。

Classification of those films are yet to be made by The Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration (OFNAA). In the event that a film is subsequently classified as Category III, announcement will be made at the cinema and www.thegrandcinema.com.hk.
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