6 Jul 2011 (Wed),
13 Aug 2011 (Sat) 7 ‑ 10pm (3 hours)
Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
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曾經想過成為一名塗鴉藝術家嗎?就算只是一天的時間也不錯!利用光線移動作為塗鴉工具,光影塗鴉(Light Painting)讓您不留痕跡也可以創作自己的塗鴉傑作!


Ever wanted to be a graffiti artist even for just a day? Use light as a graffiti medium and you can paint the town without ever leaving a mark! Learn the techniques of light painting in this workshop and get creative.

This experience lasts for 3 hours. For bookings of 5 people or more, you may book a private session.