17 May 2013 (Fri) 2 ‑ 5pm (3 hours)
$20 每個家庭 (per family)
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由【ohmykids】主辦,海港城全力支持的「換換玩具日」, 讓舊愛叮一聲變新寵,好玩之餘同時做善事幫助有需要的孩子,培養小朋友分享、延續以及「以物易物,珍惜資源」的品行。

* 餘下玩具將捐贈到「玩具銀行」。

  • 所有玩具必須操作正常、乾淨及安全。
  • 恕不接受拼圖或不完整的玩具。
  • 毛公仔、小朋友衣服、飾物、食具和咀嚼玩具恕不接受。
  • 全新玩具,無任歡迎。

* 收集到的玩具均會以酒精消毒,務請家長放心。

每個家庭 HK$20 (扣除成本將全數撥捐「香港保護兒童會」)

"Toy Swap Day" is organized by【ohmykids】, supported by Harbour City, it provides a fun way to meet and chat to other local parents and hopefully swap some toys in the process!

How it works
1) Drop off the extra toys.
2) Each toy will be given a value from 1 to 5. You will then be given this amount in taken to spend on swap day.
Remaining toys will be donated to "Toy Bank".

Rules for TOY SWAP
  • Toys need to be functioning well, clean and safe.
  • Games with missing pieces and puzzles are not accepted.
  • Fluffy toys, kids' clothes, accessories, utencils, chewing toys are not accepted.
  • New toys are accepted.

* All toys in TOYS SWAP are sanitized with alcohol.

Entrance fee
HK$20 / family (all proceeds will go to “Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children”)