2 ‑ 31 Mar 2017 (except Mon) 11am ‑ 7pm (8 hours)
西環保德街18號地下 18 Po Tuck Street, Sai Wan
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“Being sporadic is gorgeous, as black present only when colours were mixed”, it was said in the last sentence of the poem –“Implicate”.

This is what Azlynn Wong intends to do while creating. She lets the murk and fragility become parts of her creation. The uneven surface of Azlynn’s art expounds what is written in the poem –“Embracing fragility”, “We can understand what fragments feel only when becoming part of it”.

Artworks include mixed media like expired tea leaves, wooden block, stitches, handmade papers, buttons, etc. , which construct three-dimensional scenes delineating undulations of emotion by comparing to the past exhibition Azlynn hosted.

About Azlynn Wong

Azlynn Wong is an emerging artist based in Hong Kong. She is zealous in both words and images which agitated humans’ feelings. Her art is mainly created according to the poetry she wrote. The fragments of papers and the paper cutting with smooth outlining are the symbols usually seen in the artworks of Azlynn. Portions of paper collaged discretely onto canvas or paper present the subtle feelings in her life. She believes all those grieves, woes, fear and bliss in memory are part of one’s live and are definitely worth to cherish. The abstract presentation furnishes audiences with an imaginary space to recall their profound memories in life.