22 Mar ‑ 4 Apr 2017 (everyday) 10am ‑ 10pm (12 hours)
香港尖沙咀河內道18號 L1
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This year’s 100°C project will begin with a charity art exhibition at the K11 Art Mall commemorating World Water Day 2017. Colliding with Art Basel HK, this exhibition will run from 22nd March to 4th April.

We hope this event can bring the seriousness and scale of the global water crisis to a wider audience while also offering a platform for young international artists to showcase their talents. Proceeds from the exhibition will benefit A Drop of Life, a charity dedicated to bringing fresh and clean water to remote schools in China and throughout Southeast Asia.

During this event, 25 unique artworks created using water bottles from the Italian brand PRIMVS will be showcased. These pieces were designed by creative professionals with backgrounds in architecture, urbanism, fine art, advertising, fashion & textile design, product design, graphic design and other fields of art. They are from Hong Kong, Germany, Russia, Italy, Japan, England, Thailand, Switzerland, Korea, China, Malaysia, Canada, Egypt, Brazil, and Taiwan. After the exhibition, the bottles will be made available for purchase on the 100°C online crowdfunding platform.

World Water Day 2017
The theme of World Water Day 2017 is 'Wastewater'. Each participating artist was inspired by the theme to help raise awareness of global water access, safety, and conservation. Today, only 20% of wastewater is treated before being released back into the environment. Inadequate wastewater management has directly impacted our ecosystem and health, particularly in developing countries where millions suffer from preventable water-related diseases. In China, access to clean water is threatened by heavy metals, toxins, and other hazardous substances dumped into lakes and rivers due to accelerating urbanisation and industrialisation.

Through the expressions of art on these water bottles, 100°C aims to inspire action and raise public awareness about water issues that might feel remote, but could ultimately affect all of us.