17 Mar ‑ 14 Apr 2017 (everyday) 11am ‑ 7pm (8 hours)
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Curator : the Designer doll museum, (Astana, Kazakhstan)

Authors : I. Andreeva,А. Filippova,E.Oplakanskaya,N.Kondratyuk,T. Pivnyuk, D. Rak, Y. Yakhina, Z. Madi, J. Berg,O. Sakharova,O. Sukach,Т. Konne, I.Lumiere, L. Plotnitskaya, А. Tsymbal, D. Yunussova, Y. Krasnova,Y. Bespalova,Y. Yurkevich, L. Kondratyeva

Dolls are that little string which connects us with our remote childhood. Designer dolls are that unique art piece which is created by a professional artist. A mere toy in the past, the doll became an important interior element, it fills home with warmth, it reflects its owner’s personality and brings in a spark into everyday life. Unsurprisingly, the Designer doll became an object of collections of those who know and value this art. Because a doll can translate the author’s mood, his thoughts, emotions and feelings.…
The author fills it with character and determines its destiny. A dolls speaks without words, using language that is understandable to everyone, and is able to cause admiration and joy as well as sadness. Every detail, whether it is a piece of cloths or miniature accessories, is thought through and is a part of the whole image. For those who is able to feel, a doll will become a wonderful present, may be even a talisman. And it doesn’t matter whether it is an adult or a child, a beloved or a business-partner.
The main thing is that this doll was created by crafty hands of a designer, and its image was sourced from designer’s soul. Looking through our gallery, trust your intuition, it is your intuition that will tell you which doll is waiting for you or your friends. You will recognise it without an effort. If you haven’t found it amongst those already created, perhaps we can help you to determine that ideal image that will make your heart beat faster…
"Artistic" means that this doll performs an artistic function, e.i. is an art piece. It is obvious that the degree of this artistic value is rather very subjective matter. The art is called to satisfy our need in Beauty, but this need is very individual. Sometimes subjective perception leads to confusions. For example, wishing to underline high artistic level of work, it is called “highly artistic”.
I can’t help to mention one important detail. Everything that is handmade imprints the author’s personality, but a Designer doll has this value in double because it is created by a man in his image and likeness. This is its real value.