13 May ‑ 10 Jun 2017 (every Tue to Sat, except public holidays) noon ‑ 7pm (7 hours)
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AISHONANZUKA is please to announce an exhibition of Spanish artist Javier Calleja. The exhibition will be open in May 13th through June 10th. We are pleased to have his first solo exhibition in Asia.

Calleja is known for producing works that give surprises and humor to viewers by adding little twist to various events in everyday life and things in everyday life objects. In Calleja's work, his expressions carefully pay attention to accidental details with materials such as color and its deterioration, appropriation of everyday life items, messages and words produced at the same time are indispensable elements for his work. These elements of works and his ides of art-making will help to recreate our mentality and subjectivity when facing his work. His works make us realize that it clarifies the differences between the work produced and the real life. Calleja's works include multilayered references to aspects of modern society and everyday life environment, as well as his painting characters bring surprises that fascinate audiences encouraging them to think about such questions from various angles.

In the exhibition, it consists of about 20 new drawings, paintings, wall drawings and installations. Calleja will be at the opening reception on Sat. May 13th 5-7 PM. Please take this opportunity to meet him in person.

Javier Calleja was born in 1971 Malaga, graduated from Arts, Granada University, Granada, Spain. He lives and works in Malaga, Spain.

His recent exhibitions were as followed; "Few things" Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando, Madrid, Spain (2016), "Fast food" Galerie Zink, Germany (2015), "Finally together" Centro de Arte de Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain (2015), "No art Here” Castor Gallery, New York, USA (2015), “Javier Calleja” Galerie Zink, Germany (2014), "Alimentación científica de las gallinas" Beca Vazquez Díaz, Museo de Huelva, Spain (2013), "This is not my universe" Fondation Suisse, Paris, France (2012), "Javier Calleja" Cuatro Paredes, CAB de Burgos (Contemporary Art Center), Spain, (2010), "Play Room" CAC Málaga Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga, Spain (2008), "Hommo ludens" hommo invadens, Palacio de los Condes de Gabia, Diputación de Granada, Spain (2005).