24 Jun 2017 (Sat) 8 ‑ 10pm (2 hours)
1 Airport Expo Boulevard, Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong
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Renowned Korean Star PARK HAE-JIN
Bringing To All His Fans
A Custom-Made “Jin’s House Party”

From his first public debut in the Korean drama “Famous Princesses” in 2006, Park Hae-Jin rose to fame in Asia starring in the Korean dramas “You Who Came from the Stars” and “Cheese in the Trap”, which ranked him one of the top stars of the Korean waves. Park Hae-Jin is in the process of preparing a special experience for his fans.

In 2017, Park Hae-Jin showed his sweet, charming & attractive characters trapping every woman’s heart, through starring as Ghost’s mentor Kim Seol-Woo in the drama “Man to Man”. Longing to meet his fans in Hong Kong, Park Hae-Jin will be flying in on Saturday, 24 June 2017 for this fan meeting.

Park Hae-Jin has been very caring to his fans as he personally designed and planned some exceptional agendas for this fan meeting in Hong Kong. Not only would he aim at having close encounters with his fans, Park Hae-Jin would also like his fans to feel like they are enjoying an awesome house party at their friends’ place.

At the fan meeting, apart from showing his charm of being Kim Seol-Woo in the drama, he would also express himself and his affections in other ways that his fans have never seen before. With so much exciting and mysterious content, “JIN’s HOUSE PARTY” is definitely an event that fans should participate in.

4 Reasons Why Fans Must Join “JIN’s HOUSE PARTY”
  • Is bodyguard Kim in the drama “MAN TO MAN” here in reality?[special “Going Home” event – for 1 winner]
Park Hae-Jin, as Bodyguard Kim Seol-Woo in the drama “MAN TO MAN”, will be responsible to escort you safely to take the taxi home! Who will be the lucky winner?
The winner will be chosen at the party on 24 June.

  • Close encounter with every single participant at the party[“GOODBYE” encounter – for ALL fans]
When the fan meeting ends, Park Hae-Jin will say goodbye wholeheartedly to every single fans who joins the party.

  • Capturing the joyful moments in the photos!
There will be a photo-shoot session during the fan meeting for all fans to take a picture with Park Hae-Jin

  • Autographed souvenir from Park Hae-Jin [Autographed poster – 100pcs]
The opportunity to get an autographed poster from Park Hae-Jin – 100 winners.
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