time25 Aug 2017 (Fri) noon ‑ 9pm (9 hours)
time26 ‑ 27 Aug 2017 (everyday) 11am ‑ 7pm (8 hours)
location1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

fee$ 190 / $ 280 / $380
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IDFFHK is an event for the entire Asia Pacific region. With the rise of luxury-style living in Asia, IDFFHK provides a dynamic platform for high-end design brands to interact with visitors and target customers, reinforcing their identity and positioning in the Asian market.

As a world class city in terms of both business and art, and a place where eastern and western cultures meet and synergise, Hong Kong is also a gateway city for mainland China. With its rule of law and open society, Hong Kong is proud to play host to many the world's most prestigious international events every year, and continues to take centre stage in representing Asia before the world.

The three-day IDFFHK will welcome over 10,000 visitors – ranging from trade visitors, including architects, interior designers, property developers, retailers, hoteliers and distributors, to members of the public. The atmosphere will be both professional and informal, with optimal opportunities for personal interaction and networking.

A global promotion campaign across a diverse range of media platforms has been conducted in Hong Kong, China, Asia and beyond, reaching out to every corner of the globe.

一天門票 (8月26或27日):
預購 $150, 標準$190

兩天門票 (8月26至27日):
預購 $220, 標準$280

三天門票 (8月25至27日):
預購 $280, 標準 $380

一天門票 (8月26或27日):
預購 $70, 標準 $90

兩天門票 (8月26至27日):
預購 $110, 標準$140

三天門票 (8月25至27日):
預購 $150, 標準 $190


Hong Kong Ticketing
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Hong Kong Ticketing
5 Jun (Mon) 10am onward


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