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香港上環皇后大道中345號上環文娛中心 8/F

Legend of the White Snake, a folk tale that tells of the love between Madam White Snake and Xu Xian, and their tragic separation by Monk Fahai, is one of the best-loved titles in the repertory of Chinese opera. An adaptation of this familiar story, Chun Shuidu is an intimate production that takes an unusual perspective, focusing solely on the meeting between Monk Fahai and Xu Xian. Turning back time to the day when Xu meets Madam White Snake, the play explores the characters’ hidden psychological depths through imagery, lighting and cinematic effects.

Wang Peiyu

Renowned Jingju artist Wang Peiyu is a National Class One Performer of the Shanghai Peking Opera Troupe. Trained in the kunsheng (female actor in male role) and Yu Shuyan stylistic school, Wang is also the first artist to be trained in laosheng (old man) roles since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. Her excellent command of the genre has earned her comparisons with Meng Xiaodong, a renowned predecessor. Wang’s mentors include Wang Siji, Zhu Bingqian, Tan Yuanshou, Li Xixiang and Zhang Xuejin, and she was among the third batch of trainees to complete the postgraduate course for Peking Opera Performers at the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts. Wang has won many accolades and awards, including the Ten Cultural Figures of China 2015, the Best Performance Award at the All China Television Contest for Young Peking Opera Performers, the Plum Blossom Award for Chinese Theatre, and Lead Actor Award (Theatre) at the White Magnolia Awards. Regarded as a spearheading figure among the new generation of Jingju artists, she is known as “Boss Yu” among her peers.

Hu Weilu

Outstanding emerging Kunju actor Hu Weilu specialises in xiaosheng (young male) roles. Her mentors included Yue Meiti, Cai Zhengren and Zhou Zhigang. She trained at the Shanghai Municipal Chinese Opera Institute, the Shanghai Opera School and the School of Dance at the Shanghai Theatre Academy China. She has performed the lead role in a number of full-length productions, including The Story of the Jade Hairpin, The Peony Pavilion, Riding by the Wall, Zhang Xie the Top Scholar, The Leifeng Pagoda, The Story of the Hairpin and the Bracelet, The Story of the West Chamber, and The Story of a Son Looking for His Father. She has also performed in several operatic excerpts, such as Hiding in a Boat, The Mansion on the Lake, The Mother and Son Reunion, Writing the Petition, Princess Baihua’s Gift of a Sword, The Son Gets a Beating, Rendezvous in the Mansion, Opening the Letter, Rendezvous at the Pavilion, and At the Toilette Table. In 2014 she won the Rookie Award and Repertoire Award at the Shanghai New Repertoire Awards.

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