24 Nov ‑ 9 Dec 2017 (except Sun) 10am ‑ 6:30pm (8 hours 30 minutes)
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After the big success of “Ink Global 2017”, Wan Fung Art Gallery is going to hold a series of Selected Ink Artists Invitational Exhibition from Oct 2017 to Oct 2018 at Wan Fung Art Gallery Headquarter in To Kwa Wan. Comprising of a series of ink masterpieces from several elite artists, these shows are aiming to introducing both the masters and the new artists and bringing the beauty and excellence of Chinese ink painting into the world.
Wan Fung Art Gallery is proud to present Selected Ink Artists Invitational Exhibition (2nd Term) from 24th November to 9th December, 2017. This exhibition presents brilliant artworks of nine outstanding artists including Du Yingqiang, Zhao Wuchao, Lin Decai, Zhao Xiao'an, Chen Hui, Ye Feng, Jin Gege, Liu Yuanmo and Wang Yuxi. The opening reception will start at 3pm, 24th November, 2017.

Du Yingqiang specializes in block print, Chinese painting and sketching. Besides being simple, pure and lucid, his style of painting is in poetic and pastoral quality.

Zhao Wuchao began to study diligently in landscape and flowers and birds painting since 80’s. For the sake of innovation, he integrates various types of northern and southern Chinese Painting skills, complementing the element of Western painting skills, which strengthens the layering.

Lin Decai’s works are rich and delicate, peculiar and diversified in terms of composition, colour and decoration. He breaks the traditional ways of painting flowers and birds. Hence, his works depict a strong modern sense along with a powerful artistic appeal.

Zhao Xiao'an painted to describe the realm of his heart, explored silence and painted with pristine concentration. His painting is simple and ethereal, shaping characters without any carving, highlighting the strong heart in the chaotic world. His work is aloof, it formed a different personal style of Zen.

Chen Hui is adept at creating a multidimensional space with subtle changes in black and white. He uses sharp contrasts and changes in light to create a powerful visual impact and forms his a unique art style.

Ye Feng's works are based on the experience of life. His portrait paintings are in realistic style but concentrate on the thorough delineation of the characters' temperament and demeanor. His art style is fresh and elegant, thought-provoking.

Jin Gege is good at portraiture in both oil and ink painting. She combines the techniques of oil and ink painting and creates a unique art style demonstrating her high performing skills and artistic accomplishments.

Liu Yuanmo explored various subjects and techniques to form his personal style, especially his painting of polar bear is remarkable.

Wang Yuxi specialises in panoramic flowers and birds painting, his works are huge and gleaming, and the brushstrokes are subtle and highly detailed. With the unity of form and spirit, distinct levels, and appropriate colour, he creates bright, elegant, and gleaming flowers and birds painting.

Wan Fung Art Gallery cordially invites you to Selected Ink Artists Invitational Exhibition (2nd Term) , to appreciate the brilliant artworks by Du Yingqiang, Zhao Wuchao, Lin Decai, Zhao Xiao'an, Chen Hui, Ye Feng, Jin Gege, Liu Yuanmo and Wang Yuxi. Admission is free to all parties.

Du Yingqiang
The Banyan in the Moonlight

Zhao Wuchao
Colors of Mountain in Autumn

Lin Decai

Zhao Xiao'an

Chen Hui
Small Town in Zermatt