8 Dec 2017 ‑ 6 Jan 2018 (every Tue to Sat) noon ‑ 7pm (7 hours)
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AISHONANZUKA is pleased to announce “Stage 8,” an exhibition of new works by Mustone. The exhibition will be open in Dec 8th through Jan 6th 2018. We are pleased to have his first show in Hong Kong.
Mustone was born in the Tokushima Prefecture in 1976, where he continues to reside and base his artistic practice. Since graduating from Tama Art University he has published original comic books including “Nekoman,” while in parallel pursuing his expressive activities in galleries and the street art scene. Over the course of his career, Mustone has produced numerous works referencing Japanese cartoons and video games in accordance to the methodologies of appropriation art, which in itself had served as an important context for the formation of pop art represented by artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

The exhibition features a selection of approximately 8 recent painting works. An opening reception with the artist in attendance will be held on 8th December from 7pm. We look forward to seeing you at our gallery and hope you enjoy the show.