23 ‑ 29 Apr 2018 (everyday) 10am ‑ 5:30pm (7 hours 30 minutes)
香港紅磡漆咸道北香港理工大學賽馬會創新樓, V座
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We call Hong Kong our home, our place. It is the place in which we live, but have you ever listened to its sounds?

“Mute” is a function on a cellphone. “Mute” is also the inability to speak. To “unmute” means to open up—to sounds, to voices. Hong Kong is a plentiful and beautiful city and it is up to us to unmute it or not. In this exhibition, we suggest you to “unmute” your surroundings, to put away your phones and to listen to and feel the sounds and voices of Hong Kong. Many muted aspects of the community—from the everyday sounds of our surroundings to the inner voices of our neighbours—will be showcased. The exhibition leads you along the unique yet familiar tones of Hong Kong culture, the sounds of ordinary objects, the silence of strangers and family, and the stories of those members of the community who have seen Hong Kong develop into the place it is today.