14 Jul 2018 (Sat) 3 ‑ 8pm (5 hours)
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香港浸會大學視覺藝術文學碩士畢業展- Re: Spire 呼:映」將於2018年7月14日(星期六)至7月29日(星期日)在啟德校區視覺藝術學院舉行展出;將展出23名學生的多元化藝術作品。展覽是開放給公眾參觀的,免費入場。
地點: 香港浸會大學-啟德校區視覺藝術學院
時間:星期六 3pm(14.7)
星期四-五 2pm-8pm
星期六至日 11am-8pm
呼吸,一口氣,一個世界。吸入,一瞬間的實現; 呼出,一瞬間的釋放。在吸入與呼出之間,生命的氣息填滿了我們,使我們變得完整。透過學生在創作藝術過程中的精神,展覽標題為Respire—此詞常解作為呼吸,但當分解為“Re”和“Spire” ("呼"和"映")時,反映了啟發靈感和再次啟發靈感的過程 – 展示出創作藝術的新視角。在創作作品的時侯,學生受到啟發和再次啟發,期待可影響觀眾也用全新角度觀賞創作。
一年一度的視覺藝術文學碩士畢業展: "呼.映 Re: spire", 展示了來自19位視覺藝術碩士畢業生和4位視覺藝術碩士一年級生的作品。他們運用不同媒體組合去創作作品; 有繪圖,插圖,繪畫,攝影,版畫,影片和聲音,雕塑/物體藝術,紡織品和布料,和混合媒介的裝置藝術。每件作品皆採用了不同方式來研究探索當代藝。
Hong Kong Baptist University Master of Arts in Visual Arts Graduation Exhibition Re: spire will take place from Saturday, 14 July to Sunday, 29 July 2018 at the extensive site of Academy of Visual Arts at Kai Tak Campus, showcasing artworks with a high diversity of medium from 23 students. This is open to the general public with free admission.
Re: spire, one breath, one world. Breathing in, a moment of realisation; breathing out, a moment of release. In between, the breath of life fills us and makes us whole. Capturing the spirit of the students’ creative artistic process, the exhibition title Respire - a word often used to describe breath but also when broken down into two parts “Re” and “Spire” reflects the process of inspiring and re-inspiring -which showcases new perspectives in artistic creation. While creating the works, students are inspired and re-inspired which in turn influences the audience to gain new insights in which to view the creations.
Entitled Re: spire, the annual exhibition of Master of Arts in Visual Arts program showcases artworks with a high diversity of medium ranging from drawing, illustration, painting, photography, prints, video and sound, sculpture/objects art, textile and fabric, and installation in a combination of different media from 19 MA in Visual Arts final year graduates and 4 MA in Visual Arts first year students. Each piece of artwork takes a different approach to investigating contemporary art.