12 ‑ 14 Jul 2018 (everyday),
20 Jul 2018 (Fri) 7:30 ‑ 10pm (2 hours 30 minutes)
12-14/7: $550 / $180 | 20/7: $120
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【DBS Homecoming Concert 2018!】

It’s proud and pleased to hereby announce that Diocesan Boys’ School is going to hold their concert again! Featured different kinds of musical instrument, it would be a great show for sure! Let’s feel their passion and enthusiasm, to see how wonderful they are!

Details of performers are as follows:

12 July Thur
PD Hymn Choir (G3, G4)
PD Treble Choir
PD String Orchestra
PD Junior Orchestra
SD Treble Choir
SD String Orchestra
SD Chinese Orchestra

13 July Fri
PD Junior Choir
PD Chinese Orchestra
PD Wind and Brass Ensemble
PD Senior Orchestra
SD Ensemble
SD Intermediate Choir
SD Intermediate Mixed Choir

14 July Sat
DSOBA Performance
SD Senior Choir
SD Junior Mixed Choir
SD Senior Mixed Choir
SD Wind Orchestra
SD Symphony Orchestra
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