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香港雲峰畫苑將於2018年8月13至26日於土瓜灣總部舉行《水墨畫精英邀請展—第六期》。是次展覽將展出八位當代水墨畫家米春茂、馮霖章、熊海、韓優、劉可明、蔣德斌、王震以及段煉的精品力作。八位畫家的水墨佳作匯聚,題材涵蓋山水、花鳥、人物和動物,風格各異,手法獨特。讓觀眾細味八種截然不同、 變化多元的藝術風格。開幕酒會將於2018年8月13日(星期一)下午3時正開始。





After the big success of “Ink Global 2017”, Wan Fung Art Gallery is going to hold a series of Se-lected Ink Artists Invitational Exhibition from Oct 2017 to Oct 2018 at Wan Fung Art Gallery Headquarter in To Kwa Wan. Comprising a series of ink masterpieces from several elite artists, these shows are aiming to introducing both the masters and the new artists and bringing the beauty and excellence of Chinese ink painting into the world.

Wan Fung Art Gallery is proud to present Selected Ink Artists Invitational Exhibition (6th Term) from 13thAugust to 26thAugust, 2018. This exhibition presents brilliant artworks of eight out-standing artists including Mi Chunmao, Feng Linzhang, Hung Hoi, Han You, Liu Keming, Jiang Debin, Wang Zhen and Duan Lian. The opening reception will start at 3pm, 13th August, 2018.

Mi Chunmao has been held in high esteem in China for his realistic and graceful style in his me-ticulous paintings. His favorite topics are small creatures such as kittens and puppies, which are vivid and lifelike.

With Feng Linzhang’s in-depth study in painting techniques and the quest for stylistic innova-tion, he succeeds in bringing the splash-ink technique to create a special texture of contem-porary Chinese Gongbi paintings in a meaningful and unpredictable style. At the same time, the force, rhyme and rhythm which are realized in his work are in unison and harmony.

Hung Hoi's works are realistic, but sometimes abstract. He never makes a draft on his painting, this can be attributed to the accuracy of his observations during his frequent sketch practices in travelling. Hung’s works captured the beauty of nature through the use of the vigorous strokes and elegant composition.

Han You’s brushstroke embodied the tradition of Chinese painting which emphasizes the shade of ink at the same painting in the elegant way. Han’s artworks are lesiure and vivacious with a strong flavor of classical and individuality.

Liu Keming’s works absorb the concepts of modern art based on the traditional Chinese paint-ing language. He draws his inspiration from daily life and adds on his own views and feelings. He unceasingly pursues the perfection of the use of lines and colors, and has painted a lot of elegant and romantic works, which are popular worldwide.

Jiang Debin’s paintings are the composition of harmony, fresh and refined. His ink techniques coherence the subtle of Western painting, formed his casual and unique art style.

Wang Zhen has focused on meticulous flowers and birds paintings for years. He inherits tradi-tional techniques and applies poetic language to his artwork, making it romantic, spiritual, and unique.
Duan Lian’s colouring is delicate, with elegant strokes. With his technicality on ink and colour, his work presents strong Oriental scent. He combined it with modern colourology and model-ling, making his work unique among all.

Wan Fung Art Gallery sincerely invites you to Selected Ink Artists Invitational Exhibition (6th Term) and to find the inspiration from the fabulous art world. Admission is free to all parties.