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Loulan Dream inherits an excerpt of history in the form of an acrobatic drama,revealing a story composed of romantic relationship, brotherhood, and the bond between the emperor and his people.

Loulan was the main gateway to the Western Region in the Han Dynasty, and was a city where merchants gathered in ancient times. Years after years, Loulan has faded away from its prosperity and abundance and was later known as “the Pompeii in the desert”. Back in the Qin and Han dynasties, the nomadic Xiongnu in the north always posed a huge threat to the Central Plains and the Western Region. During Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, it launched several wars against the Xiongnu, which the Xiongnu later retreated to the northern part of the Gobi Desert. The power of Han Dynasty was then established. Loulan , located adjacent to Han and Xiongnu, was an important gateway at the eastern part of the Silk Road. In order to keep peace in its boundary, Emperor of Loulan sent his princes Angui and Weituqi to Xiongnu and Han as hostages respectively. Story began when Xiongnu sent Angui back to Loulan for coronation as the new king since the Emperor of Loulan had passed away , while Weituqi was also on the way to his motherland

Acrobatic Acts
Vat Juggling
Hat Trick
Bowl Kicking on High Bike
Aerial Hoop
Women’s Formation
Pas de Deux Acrobatic
Men’s Formation
Icarian Games
Leaping through Hoops
Water Meteor
Acrobatic Duo
Group Flag

Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Acrobatic Troupe
Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Acrobatic Troupe was established in 1951 and consists of performers from Han, Uygur, Hui, Mongolia and other ethnic groups. Over the years, the troupe
has won several national awards, Northwest Regional Awards, Corps Awards and Autonomous Region Tianshan Literary Awards in various acrobatic competitions throughout the country,
as well as four international awards. The troupe created a number of acrobatic productions , which have been toured in various provinces and cities in China, such as Shanghai, Guangzhou and Wuhan. They have been invited to perform in Russia, Japan, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany and other countries to promote Chinese traditional culture.
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