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In the 1960s, Rebecca Pan was nicknamed the Travelling Singer as she was frequently invited to perform overseas, in Europe, the United States, and the Middle East, and elsewhere. She also took it as her duty to promote Hong Kong, introducing the Pearl of the Orient to foreign audiences in her songs. At that time, Hong Kong was a place where Eastern and Western cultures converged and influenced each other. This was most palpable in the entertainment and performing industries where Chinese works often adopted Western styles . This unique cultural background also gave birth to a special musical genre in which Rebecca Pan was the most distinguished performer, singing English songs which had been adapted and arranged in a Chinese way, with both English and Chinese lyrics and musical instruments from East and West.

Her Ding Dong Song, My Hong Kong and many other songs were all greatest hits of the time. Rebecca Pan also dared to be innovative and persistent in her pursuit of dreams. In the 1970s, she already self-financed and produced a Chinese musical Madame White Snake. Her courage and endurance inspired many young musicians who for years looked up to her as their iconic model.

The programme features singers Anthony Wong, Eman Lam, Yoyo Sham, Joyce Cheng, On Chan@C AllStar, together with Music Director Edward Chan, paying tribute to Rebecca by performing a series of her famous songs, and re-discovering the musical journey of this iconic figure of Hong Kong.

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