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H.O.M.E by Martell 派對將於11月16日(星期五)假Timber舉行, 屆時日本嘻哈教父DJ TA-SHI將親臨現場,搞熱氣氛。 喜歡Hip Hop文化和馬爹利的你一定不要錯過!

More about DJ Ta-Shi
The Japan-hip hop def busta, DJ Ta-Shi, continuously won Vestax, ITF and DMC Japan three champion competition in 1992.. In 1998, DJ Ta-Shi performed in a concert of James Brown, the father of funk, and acquired a standing ovation from J.B.
2003, DJ Ta-shi was invited by Dr.Dre and Snoop Dog in Japan tour concert. He was also in the production team of the best selling singer of JP-R&B “ Misia” and also invited in her concert tour. He joined the album production “Ryuu”of DJ Krush. Now he is a Member of DMC competition juries and music producer.
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