22 Dec 2018 (Sat),
26 Jan 2019 (Sat),
23 Mar 2019 (Sat) 2 ‑ 5pm (3 hours)
$750 (1人) | $1314 (2人)
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Hong Kong is the third largest art market in the world and at the same time a paradise for food, drinks and parties. People in Hong Kong might start to feel frustrated about the over-crowded art fairs such as Art Basel and are getting exhausted with endless drinking, here is the good news for you, the true art lovers and lifestyle pursuers: Accidental Art is proud to launch a curated Eat-Pray-Art Immerse Day!

This is a three-hour experience to taste the most creative quality food, tea set and dessert while discovering the hidden art galleries in the busiest district of Hong Kong.
這是三個小時的沉浸式體驗,體悟真正的香港 SOHO 生活模式:品嚐最有創意的品質食物,同時挖掘香港最繁華的市中心隱藏的街頭藝術和畫廊。

This is also an opportunity to celebrate art (or purchase your own artwork!) in the most fun way.
The combination of gallery art, street art and culinary art makes it the real life style experience!
Bring your date, friends, families, business partners to experience the art and food together! It is also perfect for you to come alone by yourself to meet new friends over a beer and in front of a piece of street art.

In three hours, we will be visiting:
At least three galleries of different backgrounds;
Three food places ranging from tea set to wine;
And many street artworks.

Event details:
-$750 per person. Price includes a tasting portion of Sous Vide dish, an afternoon tea set and tasting desserts.
  • Get a discount with your partner of $1314 for two ($657 per person)
-Time: 2-5pm on Feburary 24, Saturday (English/ Mandarin upon request)
  • Gathering point: Amanda Wei Gallery (Central D1 Exit, about 7 minutes' walk away)

* Sorry the Dec 22 tour is not available for booking now.

-每人$750。價格包括一份低溫慢煮精緻餐點、畫廊中的下午茶點,及精緻美味的鳳梨酥。(兩人行特惠1314港幣,即每位僅需657港幣, 約上好友/戀人即可報名)
-時間:2月 24 日星期六下午 2 點至 5點(英文/普通話)
  • 集合地點: Amanda Wei Gallery 中環雲鹹街19-27號威爾遜大廈地下B鋪 (中環D1出口,步行總共需時大約7分鐘)


Timable TicketingTimable Ticketing | member sale
12 Nov 2018 (Mon) 10am onward

23 Mar (Sat) 2pm @ Amanda Wei Gallery
"飯禱愛"藝術美食體驗之旅 (12月-3月) - 2人 $1,314
"飯禱愛"藝術美食體驗之旅 (12月-3月) - 1人 $750

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