1 ‑ 15 Dec 2018 (except Fri) 1 ‑ 7pm (6 hours)
7 ‑ 14 Dec 2018 (every Fri) 1 ‑ 5pm (4 hours)
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‘The Paddock III: Posted’ was initiated by 14 artists who met at the National Art School (Sydney, Australia) with a shared interest in reductive abstraction. It is a format for contemporary artists to address a trichotomy of object, image and virtuality. In contemporary abstraction, the dialogue between object and image is a long-standing convention.

With our mobile devices we collapse the gap between illusionistic space and flatness of surface. Instagram is increasingly a tool for artists and curators who seek to share, debate, reveal and promote aspects of our artistic practices on the liquid screens of social media.

The Posted project provides a space for the trichotomy of object, image and virtual to intersect. In a play upon the changing meaning of what it is to ‘post’, 14 artists in each host city are invited to make a physical postcard (10 x 15 cm, depth variable) with images posted to Instagram, in an expanding global exhibition project. It is a travelling postcard show but is also much more, as it has evolved beyond a static collection into a nomadic platform operating on artist networks outside commercial gallery systems.

14 Hong Kong Artists
Kennis Chan
Danny Liu Iv Chan
Eric Niebuhr Fung Wing Yan
Kirsteen Pieterse Yvette Fung
Violet Shum Lai Chun Ling
Tang Kwok Hin Pamela Leung
Emil Wong Rosanna Li