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It has already been two years and a half since my last piece. The current exhibition is stemmed from a journey a half year ago. To construct a part of “myself” from this experience is as critical as to create.
Traveling solo is such a dynamic trajectory of life - When you are on your own, without your family and a temporary work contract around you, what is left? Under such a situation, what are you looking for, what is the relationship between you and your journey, you and yourself?
Sometimes, I am more interested in reading the diaries or autobiographies from an artist than his works, an honest trajectory is not less than the creation itself.
This exhibition is, yet, a combination of the two, I invited eight artists to showcase a work about traveling. Some works are inspired by reading, exchanging with others, artist in residency or simply a solo journey drifting around a foreign place. In their works, which aspect is more meaningful? To me, perhaps it’s a question yet to be answered by the audience.

開幕酒會(旅行炒飯) Opening (with Travel Fried Rice)
23/02/2019 (六 Sat) 6pm

閉幕及創作分享 Closing and sharing
17/03/2019 (日 Sun) 6pm

策展人 Curator

藝術家 Artists
黎仲民 |林建才|林兆榮 | 劉清華|王鎮海|黃福權|忻慧妍|葉啟俊

Lai Chung Man Andio | Lam Kin Choi | Lam Siu Wing | Lau Ching Wa Jess | Wong Chun Hoi | Wong Fuk Kuen | Yan Wai Yin Winnie | Yip Kai Chun

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