30 Mar 2019 (Sat) 8:30 ‑ 9:30pm (1 hour)

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Hong Kong is proud to once again be part of the world’s largest environmental movement.

The theme for Earth Hour 2019 is “Change the Way We Live”.

By symbolically switching off the lights at 8:30p.m on 30 March 2019, we focus our efforts on preserving the earth’s biodiversity – and closer to home – safeguarding Hong Kong’s remaining ecologically important areas and species from development pressures.

Whether it’s coming together for the April City Nature Challenge, pledging to ditch single-use plastics, or joining our Energy Challenge, we can go beyond Earth Hour to protect and preserve our environment’s rich biodiversity. So on this 13th edition of Earth Hour, let’s pledge to do more to protect nature!

Eliminating single-use plastics is one of the main conversation points of this year’s Earth Hour. Plastics is a key component of marine litter, and we look to tackle the city’s marine litter problem with solutions that can replace single-use plastics in our community. We are enlisting marine-related stakeholders – recreational groups and businesses, diving groups, as well as the fishery and seafood industry – to take a proactive role in formulating long-term solutions to reducing marine litter.

Hong Kong people consume more per person than in many other countries.

According to an analysis of our local ecological footprint, Hong Kong people are living beyond the Earth’s limits. All of our daily activities – from switching on lights, buying clothes to traveling abroad – consumes the world’s natural resources. If the rest of the world lived like Hong Kong did, we would need 3.9 Earths to meet our total demand on nature! It’s time to rethink how we can lighten our ecological footprint…whether it’s recycling, using less energy, switching to renewables or buying less. By making better choices in our daily life, we can reduce our ecological footprint and conserve our planet’s valuable natural resources.

Change the way we live
Living a more sustainable lifestyle is not complicated. There are countless small actions you can do in your daily life that can make a big impact over time. In Hong Kong, half of our ecological footprint at the individual, family and company level is from food (16%), clothing (14%), personal transport (20%) and electricity (7%).

Our daily consumption at individual, family and business level accounts for 76 per cent of Hong Kong’s ecological footprint, among which, clothing, food, energy and transportation contribute to the most. To avoid over-consumption of renewable natural resources, we need to start with changes in our daily behaviour. The choices we make can have a considerable impact on our sustainable future, and showing retailers and manufacturers that we want sustainable options will create more demand for and hence supply of them!

Your support is vital to realise a vibrant future. Sign up, donate now, and let’s change the way we live!
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