18 May 2019 (Sat) 8 ‑ 10pm (2 hours)
345 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
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今晚我地响呢度,聽晚又會去左邊度? 走,定唔走? 走向何方? 走唔到,又可以點? 可以去邊度?


〈言寓香江2019 :聽晚去邊度〉:一個荒誕絕倫的音樂 x 舞蹈 x 形體演出,一群26歲至74歲的創作演員,沒有人有相同的答案。你會笑,還是被笑? 你會哭,還是被哭?

Tonight; here we are. Where shall we be tomorrow? To go, or not to go? Where to go? If you cannot leave, where can you go?

In 1986, Philip Fok the founder of Fringe Mime and Movement Laboratory performed the first “Hong Kong Fable” .

The then young audience of “Hong Kong Fable” have seen 33 years passed. What is being unfold in front of our eyes today? Could it be the happily ever after ending we’ve heard in those stories?
Ten creative actors aged 26 to 74 will give you their respective answers to the question in “Hong Kong Fable 2019: Where do we wanna go?”, an energetic music x dance x physical theatre piece which challenges the apex of absurdity. Would you laugh? Or being laughed at? Would you cry? Or being cried upon?

聯合製作:藝穗默劇實驗室 及 零六工作室
監製 Producer:李然貴 Owen Lee, 一本小雪 Snow Ribbon
導演 Director: 孫國富 Danny Suen
創作 Creative :全體演員 All actors
演員 (中文姓名筆劃序)Actors (in order of Chinese name):
大琼 Dai King
方晴 Carly G
一本小雪 Snow Ribbon
張淑杏 Zoe Cheung
周浩輝 Philip Chow
李婉勤 Hadassah Li
陳芷穎 Karen Chan
郭曉晴 Cindy Kwok
趙嘉雯 Karman Chiu
謝文馨 Stephanie Tse
舞台監督:李然貴 Owen Lee
助理舞台監督: 張家恩 Eunice Cheung,海洋Marine
燈光設計:陸宏樂 Luk Wang Lok
海報設計:鄺偉泉 Colonel Kwong
前台主任:雪儀 Zoe
錄影:李然贊 Brian Lee

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