13 ‑ 19 Jun 2019 (everyday) 11am ‑ 10pm (11 hours)
G/F, 3 Wa Lane, Sheung Wan
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Shutter blinks, light swabs on film, leaving traces of memories.
We drowned in an inevitable oblivion.
Or, which maybe a calm comfort.

*展覽部分作品為裸體照片 Nude works are shown in the exhibition

開幕小聚 | Opening
15/6/2019 (六Sat) 14:00

創作概念 | Concept
「Half Me & Half Real」是香港女攝影師Yuki的一系列作品。創作初期,Y僅僅希望記錄某種「存在於此時此地的我/妳」的隱密情感,後來隨著與模特女孩們的交流,逐漸尋找到另一種關於攝影、關於紀錄與遺忘、關於經歷與會過去的體會。

“Half Me & Half Real” is a series of works by Hong Kong female photographer Yuki. At first, she only planned to record some private emotions of "present". After working with numerous model girls, Yuki gradually found other thoughts about photography, about records and oblivion, about memories and passing through.

Curation: Katherine Lee | Venue Support: Nido Asia

關於攝影師 | About the photographer
Yuki Yu
Px3 Paris Photography Prize 獎項銀獎及 Honorable Mention,並獲多個媒體專訪,包括隱形香港、Hokk Fabrica、Fotoroom、Lomography、DC Fever Fillens等。

Hong Kong born 90s female photographer. Inspired by her teacher, she was fascinated with photography in high school. She has won the Silver Award and Honorable Mention of the Px3 Paris Photography Prize, an international photo contest. Her works were further asserted by interviews from media, including hkrealism, Hokk Fabrica, Fotoroom, Lomography, DC Fever Fillens.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yukiuu/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Yukiyuuphoto/