21 ‑ 22 Jun 2019 (everyday) 8 ‑ 10pm (2 hours)
22 Jun 2019 (Sat) 3 ‑ 5pm (2 hours)
30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Hong Kong
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Departure X 嵬舞劇場 舞蹈作品
《原點》The Key

合與分 ;

繼2018年 Departure 與嵬舞劇場首度合作,共編作品 《原點》並於台灣首演後,兩團再度精煉作品帶來更純粹原始的呈現。

香港 X 台灣同場異現,點線交錯去換目光交接。

We are merging and dividing, to stride across your land to my far shore, witness the eternal encounter of moving light and beating sound.

If there is a key between us
If you and I revisit our very beginning
Will we stand still or step forward?
1, 2, 3, turn.

A collaboration work between Hong Kong and Taiwan - Departure and Wei Dance Company fabricates the connection of dots and lines, and gathers our wandering eyes..

Meet-the-artist session after the evening performance on 21 June

不設劃位 Free seating

編舞 Choreographers︰
程偉彬 Rex CHENG、黃程尉 HUANG Cheng-Wei

演出 Performers︰
程偉彬 Rex CHENG、
李嘉雯 Carman LI、
梁雍樺 LIANG Yung-Hua、
王贊凱 WANG Tsan-Kai

監製 Producer︰
辛偉光 Leo SUN

作曲、編曲及音效設計 Composer, Arranger and Sound Designer:
袁竣鋒 Mike YUEN

燈光設計及執行舞台監督 Lighting Designer and Deputy Stage Manager︰
歐陽翰奇 AU YEUNG Hon-Ki

舞台監督 Stage Manager︰
曾念慈 TSANG Nim-Chi

宣傳及票務統籌 Promotion and Ticketing Manager︰
羅家𨅯 Ally LAW

平面設計 Graphic Design︰

宣傳攝影及錄像 Publicity Photographer and Videographer:

製作 Production︰

台灣合作夥伴 Taiwan Collaboration︰
嵬舞劇場 Wei Dance Company

Sponsored by Hong Kong Arts Developmemt Council

This programme is supported by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant: Jockey Club Black Box Theatre Subsidy Scheme.

CCDC 舞蹈中心
(部份)排練場地由 CCDC 舞蹈中心夥伴計劃贊助
CCDC Dance Centre
Rehearsal space is (partially) sponsored by Partnership Programme, CCDC Dance Centre
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