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Presented by Utopia Cantonese Opera Workshop
Director/Co-playwright: Rex NG,
Co-playwright: CHEUNG Kwan-hin
Main Cast: HONG Hai*, Susanna CHENG, LI pui-yan, LIU Kwok-sum, FU Shu-wang*,
LUANG Xiaofei*, MO Hua-min*

Jockey Club New Arts Power 2018 “This original Cantonese opera portrays the chief players in the early years of Hon (Pinyin: Han) Dynasty, through the minimalist stage aesthetics of Utopia Cantonese Opera Workshop, m ixing the traditional with innovations in modern playwriting, stage directing, music arrangement, scenography and costume, in the retelling of this age-old tale.”

*Thanks for HKAPA’s approval

HON Seon was praised as the “soldier transcendent” and the “god of war”. He was a
renowned combat tactician in ancient China, winning every battle! Without HON Seon, perhaps the "Overlord of Co" HONG Jyu would not have gone so far as to part his concubine and throat-cut himself, nor would LAU Bong have created a dynasty of prosperity. Once the Hon dynasty had been securely established, were HON Seon’s days counted?
That was a case of injustice over two millennia old. It would not be possible to dig out all the facts, let alone redress the injustice. This story on stage, inevitably a mixture of facts and fiction, traces HON Seon’s footprints in the last 24 hours of his life. When the two met face to face, would the “god of death” give the “god of war” a way out?

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