7 Aug 2019 (Wed) 5 ‑ 8pm (3 hours)
Room D 3/F, Fu Kar Court, 32 Fortress Hill Road
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Gallery Michael Andrew Law is honored to present Law Cheuk Yui’s ONE NIGHT STAND with King and Blonde Bombshell Exhibition

In this Open Studio Exhibition by Gallery Michael Andrew Law, Law makes a parody to the alleged meeting between Elvis and Marilyn that took place in the summer of 1960.

Contrary to the Photorealistic paintings earlier in Michael Andrew Law’s earlier career which tried to make painting looks more like a photograph , “Bad Paintings” intended to be more on the side of abstract , expressive and action painting ( Here referencing Jackson Pollack ) so in which image or realistic result not the first priority instead using painting as a gesture to showcase a story , the images just a side effects. Most of the “ Bad Paintings Series “ are painted in monochrome with transparent painting techniques on top of a prepared toned canvas , in which there were minimum to no colour mixing ( Avoiding mixing of different colour paint ) in the entire painting process , with the least cover up or retouching in the painting process to avoid losing “transparency” of the painting , each work either could completed within couple hours or would be destroyed .

The artist consider this series more of an mixture of Expressive Art, Abstract Art and Pop Art in which acting as a medium of social commentary for the uses of explores humanity subject matters such as Death, Sex, Self, History and Popular Cultures.