21 Sep ‑ 2 Nov 2019 (every Tue to Sat) 11am ‑ 7pm (8 hours)
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Karin Weber Gallery is proud to introduce its anniversary group show ‘20/20: Celebrating 20 Years at Karin Weber Gallery’ this month. Selected works by twenty artists from almost all over the world come together in the gallery space at 20 Aberdeen Street. Many of the works are bespoke creations for this show and create a snapshot of the history and future of this vibrant contemporary art gallery with local roots and a global outlook.

When founder Karin Weber arrived in Hong Kong in 1990, she was not anticipating setting up an art gallery. A few years on, she fell in love with the relatively undiscovered art of Myanmar (Burma) — nine years later, Karin Weber Gallery opened its doors with the inaugural show of classic works by Burmese artist Min Wae Aung.

Today, the gallery continues to value its connection to the Burmese arts scene, but has evolved into a locally rooted business with a global outlook. We are particularly proud of the fact that almost 60% of our artists now come from the local Hong Kong and Macau arts scene, in line with an increasingly dynamic local market, with an equally strong roster of artists from East Asia and Europe.

‘20/20’ transforms the gallery into a melting pot of colour, energy and creativity as twenty works by key artists converge in the small space on Aberdeen Street. The artists on show share a strong and positive engagement with the art historic traditions of their home culture. Many of them provide an ingenious twist on the past to envisage a contemporary future. All of them offer superior craftsmanship in their chosen medium. It is this mix of contemporary culture, coupled with absolute mastery of their medium, that lets our artists transcend boundaries and resonate on a local and international stage. Showcasing their work is the best way to celebrate a 20-year milestone for Karin Weber Gallery.

About the Artists:
Emily Allchurch (b. 1974, UK)
Aung Myint (b. 1946, Myanmar)
Tina Buchholtz’s (b. 1963, Germany)
Luke Ching (b. 1972, HK)
Daisuke Teshima’s (b. 1977, Japan)
Eric Fok’s (b.1990, Macau)
Angela Glajcar’s (b. 1970, Germany)
Kim Yun-Jae (b. 1982, South Korea)
Li Ting Ting (b.1982, China)
Min Wae Aung’s (b. 1960 Myanmar)
Carmen Ng (b. 1988, HK)
Peter Panyoczki (b. 1953, Hungary)
Alberto Reguera’s (b.1961, Spain)
Wilson Shieh’s (b. 1970, HK)
Willi Siber (b. 1949, Germany)
Tsang Chui Mei (b. 1972, HK)
Annie Wan Lai Kuen (b. 1961, HK)
Wang Gang (b. 1964, China)
Xue Mo’s (b. 1966, Inner Mongolia)
Zun Ei Phyu (b.1986, Myanmar)