20 Nov ‑ 8 Dec 2019 (everyday)
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*Due to the public event, this programme will be postponed to 27 November - 8 December 2019, please stay tuned for updates. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Turn an alley of Sham Shui Po into an exhibition “White Space”; Extend the exhibition from foreforehead art space to the "Street". Apart from the official exhibition, we wish the alley to be a space/ hub where communications and exchanges of information could happen organically. People/ Shops could do signs and put them up on the walls of the alley.

We will invite designers to pair-up with local shops in Sham Shui Po, including old shops/ grocery stores etc, by talking to them, knowing their needs and the culture of their industry. And then design for street signs for them to promote the brands. Local designers could do designs according to the actual needs of the shops, while these shops could look into their industries in a new way ----- from a design and aesthetic point of views. Thus both parties could widen their possibilities in their expertise.

The Everyday Signs in SSP Exhibition Opening
3:00pm - 8:00pm
More Info: https://timable.com/en/event/1873587

The Everyday Signs in SSP:https://timable.com/en/event/1852637

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