20 Nov 2019 (Wed) 8 ‑ 9:20pm (1 hour 20 minutes)
12 Hing Ning Road, Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong
$250 / $180 / $140
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Auto Cannibal

When creating new dance works I’m conscious of the regurgitation of past choreographic ideas. I’m sometimes afraid that I’m repeating myself or cannibalising my own work. But the fact is that no idea - in art, technology or ideology - is born in a vacuum. We are all a product of our influences and experiences. Ideas are also part of a life cycle - they are born, they thrive, they degrade and deteriorate and become the fertiliser for the next batch of ideas. Our modern world is obsessed with newness and consumption but this work is an ode to re-using, re-purposing, re-invigorating. In Auto Cannibal we embrace the palimpsests of previous choreographies and see them grow and evolve through the bodies of these extraordinary dancers, meeting from across the world.

* This program is supported by the Australian Embassy in Beijing

Company:Expressions Dance Company
Choreography:Stephanie LAKE with the dancers
Music:Robin FOX
Lighting: Joy CHEN
Costume: XING Yameng

Encircling Voyage

When we arrive in this world
We set off on an Encircling Voyage
We promise we will surely return
Back to the origin
Resonant and melodious are the cries
Make a vow to the weight of life


Choreography:MA Bo
Music:David DARLING
Sound Effects:MAO Liang
Lighting:Joy SHEN
Costume:WANG Yan
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