26 Oct ‑ 30 Nov 2019 (every Tue to Sat) 11am ‑ 6pm (7 hours)
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Art Projects Gallery is delighted to present Japanese printmaking artist, Yukiko Morimoto’s latest collection of works in a solo exhibition, “Longing for Innocence”.

The exhibition feature the imageries of children wearing masks of real and imaginary creatures that Morimoto is known for, with which she explores the theme of “innocence”. In Morimoto’s world, innocence often collide with reality with images of sweet, adorable children adorning frightful-looking masks and animal hides, sporting mysterious and pensive gazes.

Morimoto graduated from Osaka University of Arts in 2008 specialising in Printmaking. Utilizing primarily intaglio printmaking with copperplates, and innovatively combining with a mixed-media of techniques such as photographic and fabric transfer printing, pencil drawing and acrylic painting, Morimoto is able create her own unique expression of collage-like imageries with highly-refined lines and rich textures.

Triplets's Fancy Dress
Copperplate print, ink, pencil, acrylic and toner on paper
39 x 50.9cm

Artist Statement
Real and imaginary animals, and children wearing masks of beasts appear on the artworks represents a longing for the world of childhood.

Children are adorable and innocent beings, but innocence has a cruelty. Children hiding their face behind a beast mask can be seen as adorable yet also frightful by the viewers.

Even though I still feel a longing for the innocence of childhood, I realise the guilt of innocence and therefore my artworks tend to contain a touch of irony and venom.

The “Longing for Innocence” exhibition will be shown at Art Projects Gallery from 26 Oct to 30 Nov 2019. An opening reception with the artist present will be held on 26 Oct 2019, Saturday, at 4-6pm. All are welcomed.

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