1 Nov 2019 (Fri) 11:30am ‑ 1pm (1 hour 30 minutes)
2 Kwong Ming Street, Wan Chai Gap, Wan Chai
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NIL sets out to understand identity within city neighbourhood by adopting an inclusive, human-centered design approach. Series of neighbourhood walks to observe the juxtaposition of old and new businesses in the neighbourhood. The neighbourhood walk around Starstreet Precinct aims to familiarize public about gentrification in the area. The walk would start with a short briefing and lunch at a Cha Chaa Teng. Post that we will walk around Starstreet Precinct, Gresson Street and St. Francis Street locating some old shops such as Happy Bakery and hawker stalls and new stores, restaurants and art galleries as well.

Meeting point: Tak Yu Cha ChaanTeng (2 Kwong Ming Street, Wan Chai Gap, Wan Chai)

Registration: http://www.ni-lab.org

*Co-Organiser - Epiphany Labs ; Partners : The University of Hong Kong (Faculty of Business and Economics), Creative Mornings, Rooftop Republic, Kickstarter

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