13 ‑ 14 Dec 2019 (everyday) 10am ‑ noon (2 hours)
13 ‑ 14 Dec 2019 (everyday) 1 ‑ 3pm (2 hours)
55 Tam Kung Road, Ma Tau Kok
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This workshop is suitable for young people at different ages. Artist will work with the participants to create cyanotype, in reference with the ancient and folk symbols and features of Hong Kong, Guangdong, Hakka and other cultures.

Using Indonesia motifs, Parang and Kawung, as examples, the artist will introduce the unique motifs of different cultures and its representation. In the workshop, the artist will encourage participants to create several simple geometric or just organic/irregular shapes from their belongings, then transform the shapes into a strong motif by repetition. Participants can also use paper-cutting, marker to draw on clear film to create shapes or just use prepared geometric shapes from artist. Then they will put their design onto their water-colour paper painted with the chemical solution and print the design onto the paper by letting it sit under the sun/ UV light.

Participants’ works will be presented in the exhibition of No New Idols: Hong Kong after the workshops from 15 December to 29 December 2019.

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