7 ‑ 8 Dec 2019 (everyday) 3 ‑ 5pm (2 hours)
63 Ma Tau Kok Road, To Kwa Wan
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Martial Mediumship focuses on incorporating an ancient sense of the warrior spirit with traditional and contemporary dance, movement, costume and ritual. This Ba Gua Zhang based workshop uses the fundamental practice of this martial arts technique and layers it with Mexican spiritual and indigenous warrior practices. The workshop uses movement and costume to channel the spiritual warrior inside all humans, and relies on the esoteric mystical practices of Ba Gua Zhang. This unifies Taoist and Buddhist philosophies with traditional indigenous Mexican dance and movement practices thereby celebrating the 2000 year relationship of cultural exchange between these two native cultures. Utilizing Ba Gua Zhang, this project focuses its physical/spiritual aspects from Buddhist and Taoist monks, utilizing exercises that build the internal energy systems and focuses on teaching youth self healing (muscles, chi, facia, tendons) as well as trains the spiritual aspects of meditation, concentration, critical thinking, and creativity in teaching to channel one’s spirit for the betterment of the self, the family, and the community.

Workshops will begin with walking meditations and basic Ba Gua Zhang exercises, then students will be directed to begin to develop costumes based on animal spirits from in the Mexican indigenous tradition as well as from indigenous Hong Kong cultural traditions. Adorned in special masks and costumes participants will then be lead to continue Ba Gua Zhang self-defense and martial arts training with an additional layer of focusing on their spirit animals and guardian spirits.

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