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何超儀首次擔任策展人,邀得英國時尚代表兼攝影大師Pattie Boyd來港舉行攝影展,展覽名為「George,Eric and Me」,展期共兩星期。

A Pattie Boyd Photo Exhibition Curated by Josie Ho
《George, Eric and Me》
Crossing Swinging London Journey

Josie Ho, a passionate Rock n’ Roll recording artist and performer from Hong Kong. Her curatorial debut proudly presents you the British fashion icon and photographer Pattie Boyd Photo Exhibition to Hong Kong.《George, Eric and Me》will be held on November 7th - 21st, 2019 at The Upper House, Admiralty.

Fashion and music are inseparable art forms. Every decade, there are certain precious gems born out of the music and fashion culture. The British Swinging London was the global trend that transcended beyond the 1960s. Iconic figures in the music world include The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. And in the fashion industry, Twiggy and Pattie Boyd were the two prominent “It Girls”. Interestingly, the names that run through these two sectors are about two moving love stories.

At that golden era, model Pattie Boyd met George Harrison of The Beatles and Eric Clapton. Pattie married them respectively and became an essential inspiration and the muse for both legends. George Harrison wrote ”If I Needed Someone” and “Something” for Pattie, while Eric Clapton‘s “Layla” and “Wonderful Tonight” were also inspired by her.

Back in the Swinging 60s, besides working as a model, Pattie Boyd became interested in photography as well. She was fond of taking portraits of her partners or friends such as the members of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. The perspective of her photos are the daily lives of these rock stars, whether it’s in the studio, on vacation or at a party.
Gradually, Pattie accumulated a number of these precious photos, and then attracted art galleries to hold exhibitions for her. So far,《George, Eric and Me》has traveled around the world, including the UK, the USA, Norway, Moscow, Sydney, Tokyo and Seoul etc.

Josie Ho who always loves Rock Music, was introduced to Pattie by mutual friends. From this artistic friendship, she then becomes the curator of the Pattie Boyd Photo Exhibition. On top of that, Pattie who has not been taking photographs for a long time, decided to take several portraits of Josie. And the special one with Josie together with her husband Conroy Chan will be shown for the first time at this exhibition.