7 Dec 2019 ‑ 11 Jan 2020 (every Tue to Sat) 11am ‑ 6pm (7 hours)
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Art Projects Gallery is delighted to present Japanese artist, Yasuhito
Kawasaki’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong - “Self-Portraits from Home”.
Born in Saga in Japan, Yasuhito graduated from Kanazawa Art University in
2010 with a Master of Art Degree in Casting. Using the technique of casting that he
continued to hone through the years as an artist, he is known for his trademark
sculptures of innocent looking children.

For the artist, these characters are self-portraits, whether direct caricature
renditions of himself or of other people and sometimes animals. In his perspective,
one subconsciously sees others as extensions or semblances of the self. Many
Yasuhito’s self-portraits are influenced by family members, whom he spends the
most time with.
In his works, the inner character and emotions are as important, if not more
than the external form. The expressions of the characters, colours, textures and the
settings that he creates for each piece seem to narrate their inner thoughts and
various states of emotions, each telling their own intriguing story.

Artist’s Statement
Ever since we are born, at home, we are spending lots of time with people
with similar faces as our own like parents, brothers, sisters, and relatives. That's why
I think that a face that I recognise, and the feature of that face, is infinitely similar to
myself. For example, in some cases, we think the face of pet dog resembles its
owner’s, or the faces of a married couple resemble each other. I think it is a
phenomenon that the feature of a face you recognize looks like your face, and you
subconsciously choose the one with the same face or a similar one.
The portraits that I create in my artwork look like me because, in a
subconscious manner, I select that person, I don’t imagine a specific person. I call it
a self-portrait. And whether it's a figure of a man or a woman, I call it a self-portrait
regardless of gender.
I got married about a year ago and started living as a married couple. I accept
a person who is different from me, and every piece of my artwork is about what I can
see and think from the smallest society of two people.
The exhibition will be showing from 07 Dec 2019 to 11 Jan 2020. There will
be an opening reception with the artist present on 07 Dec 2019, Saturday, 4pm-6pm.

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