6 ‑ 21 Jun 2020 (every Sun, Wed to Sat) 2 ‑ 6pm (4 hours)
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"Line" is an installation art project newly curated with resigned materials from experience of past works by the Japanese visual artist, Ayumi Adachi. It is the first collaboration of the "Community Youth Art Development Scheme" and the artist, by presenting the impressive art piece of 2D drawing artistically transformed into 3D installation at V54.

The process of creating paper work are divided in few acts, including drawing straight line, crumpling of paper and its spreading into a curve ultimately. It represents the complicated dealing and circumstances of human life in a certain period of time, eventually inspiring audience to look into moment of the Passed, Now and the Future!

Community Arts Event
「LINE線」Ayumi Adachi Solo Exhibition
Date: 6-21/6/2020
Venue: V54 Art Residence (No. 54, Village Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong)

Free Admission (Online registration required)

Inquiry: (852) 2277 8209

To reduce the risk of virus transmission, the following precautions will be applied :
Put on face mask during the visit
Temperature check for all visitors. Anyone who has temperature over 37.5 will be requested to leave
Maintain social distance during the visit
May apply admission control depends on the latest government announcement on gathering of crowds