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[ 安在家中 繼續舞動 Dance freely and safely with CCDC online classes]

Online class is officially launched at CCDC Dance Centre. A variety of dance classes will be given by professional instructors of Dance Centre with the support of online conference video function. The classes are in elementary level which is suitable for everyone.
Limited quota, first-come, first-served.

現代舞Modern Dance
導師:馮誠健 Benny FUNG
日期:26.02.2020 (星期三)
#截止報名時間:26.02.2020 (星期三) 1:00pm
Benny老師的在線現代舞課程,善用有限的室內空間,將參考葛蘭姆技巧(Graham Technique),訓練身體的協調性、平衡和表達能力,引發學生的創意與自信心。適合對現代舞有興趣或初學者參加。

Online Modern Dance class conducted by Benny Fung makes use of limited indoor space with Graham Technique and trains your body coordination, body balance and expression with movement. It helps to stimulate students' creativity and self-confidence and is suitable for beginners and students interested in Modern Dance.

Jazz TWC
導師:黃振棠 Michael WONG
日期:27.02.2020 (星期四)
#截止報名時間:27.02.2020 (星期四) 1:00pm
Michael 老師的獨門Jazz TWC 課程是一種集合體能鍛鍊及舞蹈技巧一身的訓練方:式:T – Technique; W – Workout; C - Choreography 。學生能夠學懂舞步提升技巧外,更會有修身的效果! 適合任何初學者或有意提升自己心肺功能的學生。

The unique Jazz TWC class, instructed by Michael, is a combined training of physical strength and dance technique. TWC stands for Technique, Workout and Choreography which helps you to keep fit in dancing! It is suitable for beginners and students looking for cardio challenges.

Sexy Dance
導師:黃羡晴 Janette WONG
日期:28.02.2020 (星期五)
#截止報名時間:28.02.2020 (星期五) 1:00pm
Janette老師教授的SEXY DANCE將表現女性的體態,集合柔軟及瞬間的爆發力,展現自信。課堂會著重CHEST,HIP及腰的訓練,從而提升舞蹈技巧及如何運用身體表達音樂。適合任何人士參加。

Femininity, which includes flexibility and explosiveness, could be achieved in Janette’s Sexy Dance class. The class concentrates on the training of chest, hip and waist to enhance dancing skills and play with the music with your body. It is suitable for everyone.


-所有參加者需自行準備設有鏡頭及顯示器的電子器材及穩定的網絡連線,並於課堂開始前下載視像程式ZOOM Cloud Meetings。

Notes to Participants:
-Different supportive items may be needed, please refer to the guidelines in the registration form of different classes.
-Participants need to prepare proper electronic equipment with lens and monitor, stable internet connection and download software/application of ZOOM Cloud Meetings before class.
-Successful registrants will receive a confirmation emails will be notified in 2 days upon.
-Before the class, you will receive a link via email. Please click the link to begin the class on the day.
-Login details are only accessible for registrants. No sharing is allowed.

Each class is $120 originally. A discount of 20% off is offered to timable members.

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