3 Apr ‑ 30 May 2020 (everyday) noon ‑ 6pm (6 hours)
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Art has a special role to play in troubled times, where tense situations erupt throughout the globe, anxiety and a sense of pessimism grips the world.
Blessed with the gift of imagination, artists can see possibilities where others cannot. Their innate creativity and intense engagement with the world aroundthem allows them to identify a way ahead, finding hope and a sense ofoptimism about the future where others may struggle.

Karin Weber Gallery is proud to announce our second exhibition of 2020;‘Castles In The Air’ presents five Hong Kong artists’ personal visions for the futureacross a wide range of mediums and explores the role of art in creatingpositivity that can change society. Can artwork change the way one thinks or
feels about personal and social challenges? Can it uplift society by creatingsmall changes that aggregate into a movement? ‘Castles In The Air’ captures the artists’ individual responses to a challenging home environment in a show that touches on themes of human resilience, sacrifice for a common goal, growth and the ability to emerge stronger and hopeful from an environment of the adversity.