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La Galerie Paris 1839 is proud to present REVELATION, a dual solo exhibition by French artists: Antoine Rameau and Valérie Winckler. The exhibition will take place from 27 March to 26 April 2020, with the Opening night at 6.30 – 9pm on 27 March 2020, at La Galerie Paris 1839, G/F, 74 Hollywood Road, Central.

For this exhibition, Antoine Rameau presents his new series of ink painted collage on old books, magazines and newspapers dated back to 1920s – 1950s, entitled Empreintes, which can simultaneously be translated into English as “prints” and “tracks”. His passion for empreintes was nurtured in the wild forest from his childhood, where he would find tracks of the wild animals in the mud and snow that blossoms his imaginations.

Antoine applies a similar process in his works: starting from an ink print of a hardwood piece, and combined with finger painting of dots, a technique that was inspired by aboriginal art, to spiritually represent dreams and Mother Nature. “The old publication materials that I used as background in these collages are all prints and tracks in their own ways, They are the testimony of the author, the journalist, and their antique textures is another “print “of passing time.” says Antoine.

Antoine’s works speak not only to his childhood memories of his home forest, but also pays tribute to Mother Nature and allows the audience to follow his prints and tracks in our daily life.

In Valérie Winckler’s Atlantide and Phosphène series, she guides us to a mysterious adventure with the full moon shining on a beach. In the footprints of waves, sand and pebbles, she found nebulae, galaxies and new territories. Inspired by experimenting with photography techniques, Valérie reveals her discoveries in the nature and in everyday life with shapes, transparencies and colours to create a dreamy tranquility.

Valérie captures all kinds of elements in nature with its own distinctive contour and makes them visible with photogram (a photographic image made without a camera). Her works allows the viewers to travel freely within the images, following her imaginations and to travel the universe that she has invited us to share.

From the beautiful forest to the sea, these delicate images by the two artists take the audience on a spiritual journey sketching the traces of nature and reconnect with our sensuality in our daily life.