30 Mar ‑ 20 May 2020 (except Sun) 9am ‑ 7pm (10 hours)
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‘Interlacing’ Fiber Art Exhibition

A strand of fiber is fragile and easily broken, but when fibers come together to form a thread, a string or even fabric, it is strong and tenacious. It can be used to pull boats or build houses. At the time of weaving, artists found that this principle works the same way as in daily life, society and nature.

There are a total of 4 installations exhibited - ‘Light but Strong’, ‘Woven In’, ‘Hong Kong Story’ and ‘Life Cycle’ featuring materials such as handwoven fabrics, bamboo, mixed concrete, weaving tools, handwoven bands, wood and acrylic paint. The artists made use of different craftsmanship, such as weaving, tablet weaving, bamboo weaving, woodworking and painting.

About the Artist

Cecilia Lai and Barnard Chan started on fiber art and weaving since 2015. They co-found Breakthrough Art Studio. In the years, they visited different villages in South East Asia to study different ancient weaving techniques. In addition to weaving methods and cultural history, they have tried to re-build and explore different loom constructions and tools, including traditional backstrap loom, tablet loom, inkle loom, natural fiber weaving, frame loom and varies of desktop and floor loom.

The duo deliver their achievements to the public through varies means. They are building weaving tool collections and comprehensive course gradually, hoping the general public can get into this form of art by stages. To promote the art and culture of weaving energetically, they go into the community frequently and design different activities, such as performance, collective art, exhibition and public experience activities. At the same time, they love responding to different social issues, such as environmental protection, cultural preservation and community care through their projects.

This is the duo's first independent art exhibition, showcasing their observations and perception by their weaving art.