27 Mar ‑ 12 Apr 2020 (everyday) 11am ‑ 9pm (10 hours)
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The ultimate presentation of ceramic works is the pursuit of breakthroughs in the endless cycle of artistic creation. What comes next? What kind of clay, glaze, and technique to use to present the concept behind? What is its connection with the works in the past? Ceramic artists never stop questioning themselves.

With the theme “The next”, four young, yet experienced ceramic artists, namely Joyce Lung Yuet Ching, Kayin Lam, Ho Yan Wa, and a minute studio, created pieces of ceramic work which range from daily ceramic products to installation art. The exhibition will also showcase some previous works of the artists, revealing the continuity of their artistic creation over time.

Exhibition Period:27/3/2020-12/4/2020
Opening Hours:11am-9pm
Opening Event:27/3/2020 (Fri) 6pm-9pm

a minute studio @aminutestudio
Joyce Lung Yuet Ching @joycelungyuetching_art
Kayin Lam @georamics
Ho Yan Wa @arlinrabbit .

Useless Studio | 618 Shanghai Street
Shop 105, 1F, 618 Shanghai Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong