11 ‑ 22 Jun 2020 (everyday) 10am ‑ 6pm (8 hours)
香港藝術中心賽馬會展廊 》灣仔港灣道2號香港藝術中心三樓
13 Jun 2020 (Sat) 2 ‑ 3am (1 hour)
13 Jun 2020 (Sat) 3 ‑ 3:45pm (45 minutes)
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A Cross-disciplinary Artistic Experience

“Cultural Masseur: Talking Heads” will present different cross-disciplinary sessions to break the walls between art and other disciplines.

All things on earth are intertwined in one way or another. Starting from May this year, “Cultural Masseur: Talking Heads” initiates different inter-disciplinary sessions with various disciplines ranging from neuroscience, technology, space, mindfulness, perceptual psychology, etc. at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. Each programme features a local or overseas artist, consists of an artist presentation, an experiential showcase that opens to the public, and a chill-chat salon engaging selected guests, experts and professionals from various disciplines, which are open for the general public to recapture via our online channel.

Cultural Masseur: Talking Heads – Art X Mindfulness: Listening to the Boundless Universe through Art

The second programme of “Culture Masseur: Talking Heads” is "Art X Mindfulness: Listening to the Boundless Universe through Art". Local scenographer and singing bowl performer Tsang Man Tung will be curating an artist presentation, "lokadhātu" mindfulness installation exhibition, "Singing to your Heart- Singing Bowl" experiential showcase and a chill-chat salon. The public are welcome to visit the exhibition, and, via a single application online, attend the artist presentation and participate in the experiential showcase. Tsang Man Tung will also lead an online chill-chat salon with his guests on art and mindfulness.

"Listen to your Heart- Singing Bowl" Experiential Showcase | LB/F, McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre | 13 (Sat) June 2020 1100-1200
Led by Tsang Man Tung, participants will listen to the harmonized vibration from the Himalayan singing bowls, which tunes one into the state of calmness, relaxation and peace.

Artist Presentation | LB/F, McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre | 13 (Sat) June 2020 1200-1300
Tsang Man Tung will talk about how his veteran experience as an art creator helps him in combining meditation and singing bowl with art. He will also introduce his "lokadhātu" mindfulness installation exhibition and share with the audience the secret way of having mindfulness practice while visiting the exhibition.

Chill-chat Salon
Tsang Man Tung will conduct an online conversation with local diva Elisa Chan, who has been keen to practice meditation in recent years, and the Director of Dharma Drum Mountain Hong Kong Centre Venerable Chang Zhan. They will be discussing the interplay of art and meditation, and how mindfulness and singing bowl act as an artistic form to respond to the current world. Edited video recording will be published to the website of Cultural Masseur for public viewing.

"lokadhātu" Mindfulness Installation Exhibition | 3/F Jockey Club Atrium, Hong Kong Arts Centre | 11 (Thu) - 22 (Mon) June 2020; 1000-1800
The "lokadhātu" project is originated from Tsang Man Tung’s mindfulness installation exhibition held at the International Bodhisattva Sangha in Taiwan last year. Natural marks, traces and scars will be left on brass sheets after being oxidised in nature, and each sheet is indeed one unique universe of its own. Visit the work at Hong Kong Arts Centre, and in each brass sheet initiate a conversation with your heart.

Please register here (https://www.eventbrite.hk/e/talking-heads-02-x-tickets-104707803860) for free admission

Stay tuned for more cross-disciplinary artistic experiences to freshen up your mind!
Cultural Masseur Website: https://www.culturalmasseur.hk

Artist Tsang Man Tung

Tsang Man-tung is a renowned scenographer and singing bowl performer. He has won numerous local and international awards in theatre design, having organized meditative arts and Zen activities on many occasions. Besides, he is author of "The Bowl of Enlightenment" and singing bowl music album "The Seed of Sound".