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23 May 2020 (Sat) 2 ‑ 6pm (4 hours)
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‘Nature’ can be perceived in a diverse way depends on which ideology and perspective that we are using and inherit. Healthy, wildness, please to our eyes, trendy, can all be applied to the understanding of ‘Nature’. And for this art project, it depicts ‘Nature’ through the life cycle, needs of butterfly and its ecological relationship with the ‘weed’, host plant.
Weed in our eyes yet food and nursery to the butterfly. With the reference of insect and botanical illustration, yet I have chosen to present them in an ‘imperfect’ way. For instance, broken wings and gnawed leaves. And together with drawing workshops with participants, this project reminds us that there are diverse narratives and non-humancentric perspective to understand the ‘Nature’. It would be my very honor to share and exchange thoughts during the exhibition with you.

Artist will be present at site on these dates:
9/5,11/5, 12/5, 17/5,19/5, 24/5, 25/5, 30/5, 31/5
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Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong Foundation of Youth Self-Realisation Scheme
Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve, Environmental Association