21 May ‑ 7 Jun 2020 (except Mon) noon ‑ 8pm (8 hours)
香港九龍深水埗大南街198號 地舖
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Political turmoil engulfed the city! The voices of the millions remained unheard by the tyranny. When tyranny becomes law, rebellion is a duty. Where there is oppression, there is resistant!

The Lady Liberty Hong Kong, the iconic symbol of the democratic movement, returns after vanishing on the Lion Rock last October! Representing the wisdom, courage, and determination of the citizens of Hong Kong, the symbolic statue will be installed at OPENGROUND, from 21st May to 7th Jun.

We wish all you brothers and sisters to join us at the exhibition, and to share our moments of the democratic movements as well as our visions of a better Hong Kong. The exhibition is more than just an art show, it is also the assembly for the voices unheard, and for demonstrating our determination to liberate Hong Kong from the hands of the tyranny. United we stand, together we fight!