3 Jun ‑ 16 Aug 2020 (except Mon) noon ‑ 7:30pm (7 hours 30 minutes)
香港灣仔摩利臣山道78號永祥大廈 地下後鋪
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【I Draw This Way】
We create to satisfy our soul. Everyone is unique that we do not need to please others, but to follow our heart.

How do our artists from the 2nd Art Course of i-dArt express themselves? How do their artworks show their thinking, sensory stimulation and emotions? In this exhibition, compared with the outcome, we will put our focus on the stories behind the colors and brushstrokes.

“I understand things this way; I repeat the steps that comfort me this way; I relieve my emotion on the paper this way.”

How is your own way of creation? Welcome to share with us.