24 Jun 2020 (Wed) 6:30pm ‑ next day 1:30am (7 hours)
25 Jun 2020 (Thu) 4:30pm ‑ next day 12:30am (8 hours)
26 Jun 2020 (Fri) 6:20pm ‑ next day 1:30am (7 hours 10 minutes)
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1 Jul 2020 (Wed) 6:15pm ‑ midnight (5 hours 45 minutes)
54 Jaffe Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
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The Government has lifted the ban on live music just in time for our festival week.

"Hallelujah" was the universal reaction amongst the music community and so that's what we've decided to call the event. It also references the original name of our annual festival.

More than 250 musicians, who have been champing at the bit for months waiting for a chance to perform, will be performing during the eight nights of the festival.

The past year has been a rough time for bars and music venues in Hong Kong, so we thank you for your support and patronage. Together we can and will keep live music alive in Hong Kong.

Free entry.

PS. The H2 Festival will hopefully be back with all the trimmings later this year.